What type of pokemon are you?

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Ever wonder what type of pokemon you would be? Well, now's your chance to find out!

  1. After a long stressful day at work, you...

    • Relax at home.
    • Call up a friend and see if they can hang out.
    • Plan to act sick the next day so you can have an at home day.
    • Plan a long vacation.
    • Vent some frustrations out by going to the gym.
    • Do yoga or something else to help you clear your head.
    • Read.
  2. You are in a cafe, ordering coffee and look up to see the most beautiful person you have ever seen. Butterflies are in your stomach. Oh no! Love at first sight! You...

    • Smile at him/her and continue on your way. You might see them again, you might not.
    • You grin and sit down at the table he/she is at. You explain what you are feeling, perhaps suggesting that you two go see a movie sometime.
    • You walk to a nearby table to watch him/her for a while. You need to learn if he/she is single or not before you can act.
    • You frown at yourself and continue about your business. You don't need love.
    • You take a deep breath and attempt conversation. Friendship first.
    • You get out of there. Anything that causes you discomfort can't be good!
    • March up to them and ask them if they're single.
  3. Your computer has crashed and you have a deadline tomorrow! You...

    • Throw the nearest item at the wall in a fit of anger (Most likely your computer)
    • Keep calm and take it to a computer hospital A.S.A.P.
    • Try to fix it by turning it off and on again.
    • Shut the computer and go outside. Why are you stressing about it anyway?
    • Panic slightly and call a friend for help. You know exactly who to call!
    • You easily fix it yourself. You know what to do in these type of situations.
    • Convince yourself it's not important and watch some TV instead.
  4. Your significant other wants to treat you for a day out, wherever you want. You...

    • You recommend going to the gym. (They have to take the hint somehow)
    • No one ties you down.
    • You smile and get excited, immediately thinking of the fun adventures.
    • Immediately grab the keys and yell you both are going to the mall. Hey, it's their money!
    • Significant other? You're too busy reading.
    • Recommend a nice quiet dinner.
    • Smile and shake your head. You'll attempt to pay half the bill later.
  5. Your significant other is suddenly seeming distant. You...

    • Dump them. No one should make you worry that much.
    • Calmly ask what's wrong.
    • Don't bother asking what's wrong. They'll tell you eventually.
    • Bring him/her gifts to keep him/her happy.
    • Demand an apology for making you worry.
    • Immediately wrap them in a hug, telling them you'll make it better.
    • You don't get tied down.
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