How Would You Do in the Zombie Apocalypse?

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Have you ever watched The Walking Dead and wondered how long you would survive in such a scenario? Find out with just a few simple questions!

  1. You realize that you need to defend yourself. What do you arm yourself with?

    • Bow/Crossbow
    • Shotgun
    • Knives
    • Semi-Automatic Rifle
    • Pistol
    • Katana
  2. You run into one of your friends, how do you greet them?

    • Bring them along. There is more than enough room for them in the secret bunker that you're headed towards.
    • Greet them warmly! You would love their company, even if it means you now need to split supplies.
    • Greet them hesitantly. You don't know if they will help or hinder you.
    • Shoot them. They could have been bitten for all you know.
    • Give them a chance to explain, then shoot them. You need their supplies more than their company.
    • Give them a few supplies, then send them off on their own. You can't be dragged down by another person.
  3. You encounter your first zombie. What do you do?

    • Trap it in a house where you'll take care of it later.
    • Run away screaming.
    • Cut off it's arms and jaw and use it as your own personal zombie-bodyguard.
    • Distract it as your friend sneaks around to execute it silently.
    • Shoot it in the head. It's super effective!
    • Sneak away. It doesn't seem very fast, and you don't want to draw the attention of any more zombies.
  4. You see a sign advertising a zombie-free society, what do you do?

    • Go to the civilization and cause some trouble.
    • Become a part of the civilization. Contribute to day-to-day routines and get the citizens to trust you.
    • Make a note of the location in a map that you carry around, just in case you need to visit later.
    • Run there as quick as you can. Maybe they can help take care of the zombie horde that has been chasing you for the last half-mile.
    • Go to the civilization just long enough to re-stock and leave.
    • Go in the exact opposite direction. You don't want anything to do with them.
  5. You are running low on supplies and the nearest town is 40 miles away, what do you do?

    • Steal from the next survivor you encounter.
    • Use your companions as decoys in order to grab what you need and run.
    • Travel there stealthily and gather supplies without drawing attention.
    • Eh, you can probably survive with what you have for a while.
    • Formulate a detailed attack plan with your friend.
    • Ride in guns-blazing.
  6. A band of heavily-armed survivors with ill intentions approaches you, how do you react?

    • Surrender and ask to join them, then kill them in their sleep.
    • Turn around and run.
    • Hide and hope they didn't see you.
    • Join them, and escape when they aren't looking.
    • Stall and wait for back-up to arrive.
    • Hand over your supplies and ask that they let you live.
  7. One of the survivors kills your friend and runs. What do you do?

    • Take a note of where he was headed, and then come back with back-up.
    • Friends? You don't have friends.
    • Lure a horde of zombies in his direction, and then run the other way and wait for the screams.
    • Charge after him, guns blazing!
    • Break down and cry.
    • It sucks, but you aren't going to risk your life for revenge.
  8. You see on TV that a man in a far-away town has risen from his grave. How do react?

    • Immediately call any nearby friends and family to bond together. Strength in numbers.
    • Shrug it off. These low-budget news channels are often unreliable.
    • Don't worry about it. You've been planning this out for years. Just get your pre-packed survival kit and get ready to live in the world you have been preparing yourself for.
    • Immediately jump of the couch and start foraging for supplies.
    • Go grab a gun and lock yourself in your basement.
    • Don't pay too much attention to it too much, but take note of the details just in case.
  9. You decide to start stocking up. What do you go for first?

    • Toiletries
    • Matches
    • First-Aid Kit
    • Food & Water
    • Clothes
    • Weapons
  10. You hear that someone has a cure and is heading towards a nearby city. What do you do?

    • He is a person. People are bad. Bad people. Stay away.
    • Stay where you are. Your life isn't that bad where you are, and you don't want to risk anything.
    • Drop everything that you're doing and rush to help him.
    • Too much work. Stick with your own game-plan.
    • You don't believe the news. Probably just some trap used to lure survivors to their death.
    • It depends on if you have time. You have your own agenda, and if you cross-paths, you could help if you wanted.
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