Are you a kid at heart?

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No matter what your age is, if you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.....Find out are you still a kid at heart?

  1. Do you love getting wet in rain?

    • Yes, i am always ready for that
    • Sometimes
    • No never
  2. How much time you spend with your friends

    • not much...may be once in 3 or 4 months
    • i spend most of my weekends with them
    • A lot, they are my life
  3. You are getting late for your office and on your way you see some kids cuddling with puppies...would you mind spending a little time to enjoy the scene?

    • yes, i would love to join them
    • it depends
    • are you crazy....dude i am late
  4. Your friend is having a crush on one of your cousins....what's going to be your reaction?

    • I am going to tease him/her a lot about it
    • stay away from him/her
    • i don't give a shit
  5. Are you going to do anything for that last piece of pizza when you are with your friends?

    • i want that last piece but doing anything for that is surely out of my list
    • No doubt....come on its the last piece
    • its just a piece of pizza
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