Which Romantic Duo are you and your Significant Other?

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Take this quiz and find out which romantic duo you and your significant other are!

  1. When did you say "I love you"?

    • Haven't said it yet
    • It took some time but he/she said it first
    • Nobody has said it, but we both know
    • Somewhat right away, but each day it gets stronger
  2. What words best describe your relationship?

    • Different/Abnormal/Tricky
    • Innocent/Rare/Special
    • Sensual/Fated/Romantic
    • Hot-headed/Passionate/intense
  3. Who Approached who?

    • One of us was in a relationship so it was tricky
    • I played hard to get...but eventually gave in
    • It just happened
    • We both went after each other
  4. When you fight, how do you make up?

    • We don't really fight
    • We talk it out with maturity
    • One of us leaves until we cool off
    • Passionate love session
  5. What is a flaw about your significant other?

    • Everybody else
    • His/Her interests and mine differ significantly
    • Financial security
    • Feels like I hardly get to see him/her
  6. How long have you known your significant other?

    • Years in the Making
    • A few weeks
    • Can't remember/Depends on who you ask
    • Everything happened sort of fast
  7. How did you meet your partner?

    • I was not in the best place in my life but then he/she came along
    • In a Random Spot, but something that now means something to us
    • A job/Other
    • We didn't get along, until he/she persisted and I eventually gave in
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