Which Avenger Are YOU?

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Figure out based on traits and techniques which Avenger you are

  1. Which are you more into?

    • Target Practice
    • Weights
    • Running
    • Flight Tests
    • Boxing
  2. A super villain insults the way you look, what do you do?

    • Come back with an even wittier remark about their costume
    • Tell them that's their opinion but you're still taking them down
    • You laugh at how petty they are before throwing them through the wall
    • Grab them and slam them repeatedly into the ground
    • Cut their hair off with a hunting knife
  3. How would your friends describe you?

    • Calculated and closed off
    • Optimistic and outgoing
    • Hot headed
    • Proud and sometimes ignorant
    • Pessimistic and analytical
  4. A child is trapped in a burning building, what do you do?

    • Run into the building while it crumbles, grab the kid, and push the walls out of the way to escape
    • Scan the building for signs of life, then find the kid and blast your way through the roof to safety
    • Bust down the door, check your surroundings and find the kid, then find the safest way out
    • Zipline into the window before sprinting through the house searching, find the kid, then grappling hook your way back out the window
    • Burst through the roof, follow the sound of the kid's voice, find them and fly back out
  5. Out of these, which is your favorite color?

    • Purple
    • Navy Blue
    • Hot Rod Red
    • Black
    • Gold
  6. How do you spend your free time?

    • Partying all night
    • Hanging out with your significant other
    • Working out
    • Standing watch over the city
    • Meditating
  7. What would you rather listen to?

    • A cheering crowd
    • Classic Rock
    • Old Jazz
    • Classical
    • Calming ocean sounds
  8. If you have an enemy how would you take them down?

    • Use their power against them in a creative and innovative way
    • Pummel them to a grease spot where they stand
    • You find the perfect vantage spot to gain the upper hand before taking them down piece by piece
    • Look for their weaknesses then use them
    • Using brute force, flying around them delivering blows in a blind fury
  9. You have to be across the city A.S.A.P. to save your friends, how do you choose to travel?

    • Fly there jet speed nothing held back
    • Jump over the buildings like stepping stones
    • Run across the buildings and grapple from them
    • Running through the street jumping over cars in your path
    • Fly like the wind, over the clouds, before landing like a ton of bricks just in time to save the day
  10. A small meteor is falling towards New York City, about to do millions in damage, what do you do?

    • Concentrate on evacuating as many citizens as you possibly can
    • Let someone else handle it, not your problem
    • Catch it and throw it back into space
    • Fly up to try and push it back out of the atmosphere
    • Flying up to smash it to bits before it collides
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