Who are you in movie Transformers?

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It´s only from movie and It´s only that most important Transformers.

  1. Which of these colors do you want ot have on you?

    • Silver
    • Stone gray
    • Green
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Yellow
  2. Some human shoots rocket to you.What will you do?

    • Dodge and kill human
    • Dodge
    • Dodge
    • Dodge and show him your weapons
    • Shot it in the air and kill human
    • Dodge
  3. Which weapon will you chose to fight enemy?

    • Big plasma cannon
    • Sword
    • Two small and fast cannons
    • Healing weapon and cannon
    • Medium cannon for sneaky attacks
    • Your fists and on e big cannon
  4. Which skill do you want?

    • Be cool and credit ot team
    • Be good medic
    • Good sneaky attacking
    • Be best in killing everyone
    • High damage dealing attacks
    • Clever mind
  5. Someone is trying to kill your friend with battle axe.What will you do?

    • I don´t have a friends
    • Jump there and behead him
    • Shot enemy and start healing friend
    • Try to escape before the enemy will notice me
    • Jump there and kick enemy out
    • Shot him whit my heaviest cannon
  6. Which combat style do you prefer?

    • Heavy demolition
    • Hitting the weak parts of enemy
    • Fast light attacks
    • Hard attacks
    • Fast medium attacks and lot of dodging
    • Healing and backup
  7. You are transformating to one vehicle.What vehicle is it?

    • Sport car
    • Off-road car
    • Ambulance
    • Some truck
    • Plane
    • Tank
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