Which Character would you be in Saving Private Ryan.

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One of my favorite movies, who will you be??

  1. War, would you go into War?

    • I would for my country and my faith
    • I would go into war if my family members were going
    • I would go if the draft was still a thing but wouldn't really want to
    • God NO
    • Sure why not.
    • I want to help those who are hurt and get them home if I can.
    • America!!
    • For my Country and where I come from
    • They are killing my own I will go
  2. Your in D-Day and your coming on to the beach, what do you do before you land.

    • Prepared but nervous
    • Shoot those guys down and follow orders so I don't get killed
    • Get me out of hear!!!!
    • Get ready but make sure your not in front
    • Pray before you land
    • Talk to everyone, make sure they know what they have to do when the set on the beach
    • For my people I will stand against the enemy
    • Go in or go home, do whatever you can to get to the beach.
    • Make sure you have all of your medic equipment is ready, lots of people will need you.
  3. Ok your on the beach and your making it up to the enemy bunkers, now what.

    • Get your gun ready and thank God for getting out of the beach
    • Follow your Captain and start shooting.
    • I'm at the beach now let take them down
    • Order some men to take cover and be ready to take the enemy flank
    • Stay in the back let everyone go first then go when its safe.
    • Help my friends shoot the enemy and remember your doing it for your people that are being killed everyday by these people.
    • Be behind the leader and be ready for orders
    • Gather weapons and Ammo!!
    • Help those in need whom may lost a arm or leg. Stop the bleeding!
  4. Ok the first battle is over and you regroup. You find out that you have another mission to find a soldier, first reaction.

    • Ok whatever I can do to get home
    • Christ, oh well lets go
    • Ok I'm done telling the enemy what religion I am lets move on
    • But I like it here its safe
    • Ok I guess
    • Just shooting the bad guys
    • Ok I stopped the bleeding now lets move on
    • Sh** we got to go already I was just enjoying myself
    • Thank God for another day on Planet earth now lets find my ticket home
  5. You moving closer the enemy lines and its raining, there is a child in the area someone wants to move the child and a soldier is shot what are you doing?

    • Oh god were going to die!
    • You just wanted to help the child get out of the area
    • Get Down!!
    • You want to help the soldier but you know you can't move.
    • Make sure everyone is down and talk the wounded soldier
    • Leave the child and take cover
    • Thats my friend!! Don't die man please!
    • Get in possession to shoot the enemy sniper.
    • Stay down but be ready to take anyone else
  6. Its finally over and you get to allies and find out that there is a man named James Ryan. Whats your reaction?

    • Please be him please be him
    • It better be him
    • Yes we have come so far
    • Is it me or is it not me??
    • No way
    • I want to see him now
    • Sh** its got to be him
    • If its him can we still go kill more of the enemy???
    • Thank GOD!
  7. Its not him, and you have to move on. You get another enemy line and your group is deciding on moving on while others want to take the enemy down, what would to do?

    • You guys go ahead i'll be in the back
    • Shoot them down
    • Idk it might be best if we leave them, we already lost one
    • We can flank them
    • Its too risky
    • Follow the leader
    • If we loose a man its on you not me
    • Take them out, we are not going to let them kill anyone else coming our way
    • I'm in with whatever we choose to do
  8. You loose another man, and its the medic. You find the man who killed him, what would you want to do with him?

    • Let him barry the bodies
    • Help with wounds that anyone has. Who cares what happens to the enemy
    • Your still in shock for the loss and angry that he killed him but you forgive him
    • Shoot him in the face
    • Just kill him but be even more angry at your leader for making us go through this Sh**
    • Hate that Bas****
    • Watch the enemy do whatever the Captain or sergent wants him to do
    • Don't hurt him, talk to him let him know thats its going to be ok
    • You killed my own everyday now I'm going to enjoy you being taken care of
  9. After all of that crap you finally move on and you start to go father into enemy lines. And there is half track!! You take cover, and then someone shoots it, the half track is down but you don't know who did the shooting. Reaction?

    • Lets shoot them too!
    • Who's doing the shooting???
    • I'm shootin that thing down
    • Take that left flank, take the Left Flank!!
    • Oh God help!
    • Christ whats going on??
    • I got your left flank!
    • Everyone Ok?
    • Yeah take them down!
  10. You finally find Private Ryan. The news was broken to him that his brothers were dead but he doesn't want to leave. Would you stay and help or leave him their for his own pride?

    • If we make it through we might go home after this
    • One more battle for my family and religion
    • Really do we have to? But I will have your back
    • Loss is hard but you have to move on
    • Yeah sure, anyone need a bandaid
    • Yeah why not I have already gone through enough of bullsh** already
    • Yeah lets that them down!!
    • Lets stay i'm making new friends and I like tall buildings
    • Let him think about it but I'm not leaving them to die
  11. Ok strategy, what will you do to help get prepared for battle?

    • start making bombs
    • Take your socks off, smoke a cigarette and get ready
    • Gather up all of the weapons and ammo we got
    • Help with whomever needs help
    • Get everything in order. We need socks!
    • Find a good place to hide
    • Clean your gun and be ready for everything
    • Find all of the medical supplies and be prepared for anything
    • Mount up the machine guns
  12. The battle is on!! And you have to go get ammo and when you come back he needs help because an enemy soldier is attacking him. Would you help

    • Help!!!!!!!
    • Throw everything you got, even your helmet
    • Shoot him down!!
    • Go in but make sure that its just one of them
    • go in without even thinking about who might be in there
    • I can't do it, I just can't
    • Try to shoot him but trying not to kill your own
    • Get in there and kill the man!
    • I'll go in there but I don't have a gun
  13. The enemy is now starting to come in with full force. And now more and more men are dying. What do you do

    • Keep shooting but take cover
    • Fall back!! Plan B
    • Take them down!!!!
    • Your shot but you still are going to keep fighting
    • We need to keep fighting!!! But I need ammo
    • Keep shooting you have nothing to loose. For God, no one else.
    • Help that man before he is crushed by a tank
    • Follow your leader to where ever he goes
    • Run!!! Get out of hear!!!
  14. People are dying everywhere and you can't let the enemy get passed the bridge. You are falling back now what?

    • I'm scared, please I don't want to die yet!
    • Running!! O God enemy Soldiers!! Get down and hide
    • Help anyone who needs help to get across the bridge.
    • Drag that man out of there even if you are shot, better you than him
    • Praying that you can make it through this
    • Keep shooting with your fellow soldiers but get to the bridge
    • Keep Shooting!!!!! crap I'm out of ammo
    • Blow the bridge!!
    • still going till the very end
  15. The bridge doesn't blow. All hope it lost and you think its the end. But then reinforcements come at the last second and save you all. What's your final thought

    • Yes for my people and family I have survived
    • Its over...
    • Who would thought it would have ever come to this moment of victory
    • Earn this... earn it
    • Help the Captain
    • YEEEESSSSS that's right you B****** run!!!
    • Thank you God for letting me get through this
    • Thank God its over
    • Sh** we made it
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