Would You Be Badass or a Fool in 'The Walking Dead'?

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Resistant and intelligent people who know what to do, when you need to, are badly needed in a team of a zombie apolicapse, but a complete 'dead weight' is nothing necessary, as the name indicates.

  1. You are the only one standing, all your team is injured and there is a doctor taking care of them and a group of walkers approaches. What would you do?

    • Runs away.
    • Fight the walkers as fast as possible in order to assist the doctor.
    • Helps the doctor to take the wounded to a safe place, because you are too weak to fight a group of walkers.
  2. Your friend is surrounded by walkers and without ammunition, while he gave you a gun that you don't know how to use. What would you do?

    • Let your friend back and run for help (for yourself).
    • Risking use gun and tries to kill the zombies (with a chance to reach your friend or lose him while trying to use the weapon).
    • Grab your knife and goes to the melee.
  3. It is the last snack available. What would you do?

    • Delight yourself in front of children and still licking fingers.
    • Gives for children or for someone who is hungry.
    • Deal out with those most in need.
  4. The leader is in trouble and you always wanted to lead the group. What would you do?

    • Let him back and becomes leader defending your own interests.
    • Help the leader and ends up becoming his assistant.
    • Only help him if he lets you become the leader.
  5. The resources are over. You are the only one who can get more. What would you do?

    • Refuses to do so.
    • Search with all pleasure.
    • Accepted only by doing something in return or with the assistance of another person, which is probably busy.
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