Which Arrow character are you?

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Are you the vigilante himself or a member of the police force who always tries to bring the arrow down?

  1. You want to see justice brought to your city, how do you seek it out?

    • Crossing off names on a list that your father used to own
    • Join up with the arrow to help fight the most deadly villains
    • Stopping everyday criminal activity including the arrow himself
    • Track down criminal activity happening in the city and tell the arrow where he can seek justice
    • Train with the league of assassins until your ready to go home and fight
  2. You've just witnessed your close friend being murdered what do you do?

    • Seek help from the arrow so you can see that justice is being done about your friends death
    • Carry on with your daily job, you loose people that you work with everyday anyway
    • Grieve behind a computer and let someone else kill your friends murderer
    • Use the league of assassins to help get your revenge for your friend
    • Look for the murderer so you can kill him yourself
  3. Your city is being taken over by a ruthless gang of mirakuru how do you stop it?

    • Direct the arrow to where the most dangerous gang members are
    • Get the league of assasins to help fight back this gang
    • Go along with what the arrow thinks is best
    • Shoot at them and try to stop them from killing more innocent people
    • Inject a cure by shooting arrows at them
  4. Your in love with someone who wants to help you save the city but you don't want their help as they may get hurt what do you do?

    • Leave team arrow to show that you won't help the city if it means they get hurt
    • Take away their weapons and costume to stop them from going out into the come filled world
    • Keep them under constant surveillance and stop them when they try to attack criminals
    • Tell them that what they are doing is a suicide mission and hope it brings them to their senses
    • Leave starling city its better you leave than bring the league of assassins onto someone you love
  5. You see a robbery across the street do you

    • fight them yourself using your cool martial arts style of fighting
    • Track the criminals movements and see where his hideout is
    • Stay out of the way you don't want people to know your here at the moment
    • Run back to your hideout and get your weapons and suit
    • call for backup at the police station
  6. There is a group of protesters in the street wanting the arrow to stop what he is doing do you

    • Stay in your house and watch it on the news
    • Look at it from a high point, possibly a church.
    • Join in so it doesn't cause suspicion after all you are the vigilante...
    • Look at it from your computer trying to find the leader of the protest
    • Stop the protesters before anyone gets hurt
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