Which Faction would you be?

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Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless, or Erudite

  1. First question, how are you with people?

    • You would help but know deep down your smarter than them in many ways
    • You help people who are in need more than yourself
    • Your good with everybody
    • You wound protect people with everything you have, but some people you wouldn't
    • Your honest with everyone and compassionate
  2. What do you think of War?

    • Yes war because it will resolve problems that you might be having on yourself
    • War might be needed for justice
    • No war but you would fight it for the people that you love and care for
    • No war just peace
    • War is not what you want, but if it has to happen you will succeed in victory
  3. How honest are you?

    • I lie all the time
    • Being truthful can help you with being peaceful and kind
    • Lies are all around if you have one its not the end of the world
    • Without truth, there is no peace
    • You tell whats best even if its not all the truth
  4. How brave are you?

    • Some people are just too brave their crazy, but they could make great allies.
    • Peace is better than being a crazy person jumping off a train
    • To tell the truth bravery can lead you to your death a lot quicker than being honest
    • I'm brave but I don't like heights and fast things.
    • Hell yeah lets climb building
  5. How Intelligent are you?

    • I'm smarter than everyone else
    • Telling the truth lets you feel smarter than others
    • Smart for battle plan, not really on the books
    • I'm smart but I don't think of myself better than anyone else
    • I'm smart within the politics and getting things in place
  6. What do you think of Divergent's?

    • They are Awesome!!
    • I would protect them, they are human just like me
    • Kill them all.
    • They are not a treat
    • Divergent's are ok but I would keep an eye on them
  7. How are you with factionless?

    • I will help them in need no matter what
    • Worthless people
    • Thats what your going to be if you don't they on a solid corse
    • They will be ok
    • I feel sorry for them
  8. What if your Divergent, what faction would you trust the most to hide and act like one of them?

    • Dauntless
    • Erudite
    • Amity
    • Abnegation
    • Candor
  9. If you lost someone you loved what would you do to the person that killed him/her

    • be selfless and kind, but still be upset
    • kill the person by myself, no help
    • trick that person, to make him fall into a trap and die
    • Justice must be served
    • Forgive
  10. Whats your favorite color

    • Orange
    • Red
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Grey
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