The ULTIMATE Batman Quiz. Which one are you?

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Take this quick quiz to find out which version of Batman you are!!!!

  1. You are on a rooftop in Gotham and hear thugs harassing a young woman in an ally. What do you do?

    • Make jokes while smashing the thugs faces in. Then tell Alfred to start your grilled cheese. You are on your way back to the cave.
    • Temporarily paralyze them with electric Batarangs, announce that you are Batman, and then rescue the girl while beating them senseless.
    • Alert Oracle of your position/situation, and then restrain the thugs in an appropriate manner.
    • Drop from the midnight sky, drop a smoke pellet, and inflict multiple concussions.
  2. You rely on which of the 5 options to fight crime most effectively.

    • Theatricality and looking cool.
    • Being outrageously good at beating criminals to a bloody pulp.
    • Having a gadget for every situation.
    • My experience from all of my other movies and my incredibly comical suit.
    • Having the original Batman tell you exactly what to do at all times.
  3. What is your favorite weather?

    • Dark always
    • Clear sky, stars are out with a light breeze
    • Sunny and 75
    • Rainy and overcast
    • Snow falling in Gotham ally
  4. Which years had the best music?

    • Beach Boys ...... only
    • 2000's
    • 80's
    • Im Batman. I have no time for entertainment.
    • 90's
  5. Your favorite villain to put in the hospital is......

    • Riddler
    • Superman....... "If you aren't me, then you are a villain."
    • Mr. Freeze
    • Joker
    • Bane
  6. Your favorite first attack is......

    • Smoke pellet then suplex onto concrete
    • Throat jab followed by elbow slam to the temple
    • Zip lane drop kick
    • Uppercut followed by some sweet chin music
    • Batarang paralysis followed by uninterrupted beatdown
  7. Your ideal off day is spent.....

    • Doing homework:/
    • Relaxing at Wayne Manor with Alfred enjoying the peace and quiet
    • Im Batman. I don't get an off day.
    • Going on dates with multiple beautiful women at ridiculously expensive restaurants
    • Arguing with Robin about how he's too old for that suit
  8. Your favorite side kick is.......

    • Barbera Gordon/Batgirl
    • Bat-Mite
    • Tim Drake/Red Robin
    • Jason Todd/Robin
    • Dick Grayson/Nightwing
  9. Your favorite gadget is.......

    • The Batmobile
    • My Bat Credit Card (Limitless)
    • Grapple Gun
    • My Suit
    • My Fist
  10. Your greatest ally is........

    • Bruce Wayne
    • Alfred
    • Selina Kyle
    • Commissioner Gordon
    • Myself
  11. That lady, from the first question, thanks you for saving her life. She then turns to ask who you are. You respond how?

    • Im Batman
    • It doesn't matter who I am. I could be anyone. What this city needs is to know that I will stand up for it as a cymbal. I am many. I am justice. I am Batman
    • Nothing because I am already half way back to the cave by then.
    • You are very welcome. Need a ride home? .....You sure? ......but.......Okay:/
    • Im Terry McGinnis......Oh crap.....did I just say that out loud?
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