What Community Character are you?

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Take a test & find out what member of the original #Greendale7 you are!

  1. You're in class, and are super bored, what are you thinking about or doing?

    • I'm texting.
    • I'm planning a protest.
    • Nothing. At all.
    • Thinking about my kids.
    • I'm not bored, I'm listening to the teacher.
    • I'm bothering the people around me.
    • Thinking about Inspector Space Time.
  2. What Religion are you?

    • Muslim
    • Non-Existent
    • Jewish
    • Christian
    • Atheist
    • Jehova's Witness
    • Neo-Buhdist
  3. Why are you at Community College?

    • To study people & make videos.
    • Disgraced lawyer.
    • To make a better future for my family.
    • Trying to keep my mind sharp.
    • I'm a college drop out & I'm trying to fix that.
    • Because I lost my scholarahip
    • I got hooked on drugs, but I'm top in our class.
  4. It's the Weekend, where are you?

    • Protesting something.
    • With my kids.
    • With an attractive man/woman.
    • Studying.
    • In my mansion, alone.
    • With my best friend, watching a nerdy tv show!
    • With my best friend watching/playing sports!
  5. You're stranded on a desert island, what do you bring with you?

    • My imagination
    • My opinions.
    • A good book!
    • My money.
    • A Football
    • My cellphone. withnwifi.
    • A bible
  6. Describe your personality

    • I'm kind of an stylistically cold-hearted person, but I am loved.
    • Worried about world problems, and trying to get my friends involved to. Good at getting what I want.
    • Type A. Hard worker, worried about being succeeding
    • Sweet, and soft-hearted, I can easily be made to cry.
    • I'm kind of crazy, but I have great friends that care about me, most of the time. I have some crazy ideas, but often, have great ideas.
    • Natural leader, but only when it helps you.
    • Trustworthy and good at listening. People feel comfortable coming to me for advice.
  7. Which of these is most important to you?

    • My family.
    • Being loyal.
    • Helping myself, but helping my friends just as much, even if I don't want to.
    • Expressing my opinion, even if it's offensive to those around me.
    • Being smart.
    • Being right.
    • Being honest, no matter what.
  8. What's your favorite TV Show(besides from community)?

    • M*A*S*H*
    • Grey's Anatomy
    • The Bible
    • Law & Order
    • Whale Wars
    • Whatever my best friend is watching.
    • Dr. Who
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