What is your spirit animal?

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Find out which animal represents you best with this quiz!

  1. Which pair of adjectives would you use to best describe yourself?

    • peaceful and kind
    • independent and clever
    • wise and self-aware
    • courageous and motivated
    • friendly and loyal
    • free-spirited and joyful
  2. How do you like to interact with others?

    • It takes a while to earn my trust, but once you do, I am a loyal friend.
    • I love my friends, new and old, and I like to be with them all the time!
    • Friends are nice to have, but I don't need them.
    • I like to nurture sincere, lasting friendships, but I know that some friendships pass by like the seasons.
    • I can be shy sometimes, but people who know me know that I am a caring friend.
    • I tend to be the alpha or leader of my friend group.
  3. Which is most important to you in life?

    • Being yourself
    • Having fun
    • Creating a life that's the way you want it
    • Achieving great things
    • Having an understanding of the world
    • Giving to others
  4. In which way do you think you help others?

    • I help them understand themselves and find their true path.
    • I help them realize which people and things are worthy of their time.
    • I help them strengthen their voice and gain confidence in their abilities.
    • I help them realize they are valued by showing them love and kindness.
    • I help them pay more attention to their own needs.
    • I help them enjoy the little things.
  5. Finally, which career do you think best suits you?

    • Writer
    • Executive/Lawyer
    • Public relations
    • Teacher/Doctor
    • Artist
    • Psychologist/Consultant
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