What Music Genre are You?

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What type of music describes your personality?

  1. What was your favorite class?

    • Lunch.
    • I hated school...
    • Math.
    • History.
    • Science.
  2. When you get in a fight what do you do?

    • Use your fighting experience to beat them to a pulp.
    • Jump in your 1950 corvette and speed away.
    • Use your lightning fast reflexes to escape.
    • I don't get into fights.
    • Blame yourself for starting the fight in the first place.
  3. What do you do in your free time?

    • Read/watch t.v.
    • Turn off all of the lights and think about your life.
    • Play video games.
    • Look at car magazines.
    • Party!!!
  4. What stereotype were you involved with in high school?

    • The misunderstood emo kids.
    • The hot kids.
    • The cool kids.
    • The jocks.
    • The artists.
  5. What do you want people to feel when they see you?

    • Stunned.
    • Safe.
    • Awake.
    • Trauma.
    • Fear.
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