Which avatar girl are you?

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Any suggestions for questions and other girls you think I should add is always welcome!:)

  1. Do you agree with Unalaq? (portals open, spirits and humans should live together)

    • No
    • It's complicated!
    • Yes
  2. Should the fire nation rule the world?

    • NO!
    • Well, the avatar says no, so I guess not
    • Is there a right answer?
    • YES!
    • All they do is create lawlessness, so no...
    • Hell no, they're just a bunch of thugs!
    • They're causing an imbalance in the world,........so f**k that
    • No because they seem like mean people
    • .........isn't it obvious?
    • They hurt me in some way, so no
  3. Which best describes you?

    • You will go along with whatever duties life gives you
    • You really don't want to get involved in political affairs, and you don't really have any major amibition's in life
    • You have a duty to the avatar!
    • You prefer to do what's best for the community
    • You will do your duty to help the world, but you refuse to be made fun of. You also like to be sarcastic to those you love.
    • Though not aggressive or assertive, you are nonetheless a determined girl, pursuing your desires instead through your kind personality.
    • You mainly pursue you're own ambitions as long as it doesn't hurt those around you too much
    • You are ambitious, fighting for your country, and is very intelligent
    • You just go along with whatever is given to you and grow accustomed to it. After awhile, you protect it to the level just short of you're life depends on it
    • You will help your friends to the best of your abilities and is there for the ride
  4. Would you rather be:

    • Important
    • Discover something new that would inspire millions
    • The world's most skilled at one particular thing
    • Cute and doing what's right
    • A genius
    • Ambitious
    • Disappointed
    • Keeping order and justice but strict to the point that it's annoying those around you
    • Inspired to help people
    • Hot and rich
  5. How shy are you (1 - 10)? 10 the most shy

    • 1
    • 5
    • 2
    • 3
    • 10
    • 9
    • 7
    • 4
    • 8
    • 6
  6. Oh no! A person has fallen and can't get up, do you:

    • Help him up
    • Put him out of his misery,......permanently
    • Help the person up
    • Stare at him for a little while, then help him
    • Help him then ask how that happened
    • Help the person then lecture them on why they need to be more careful
    • Help him up and then to safety
    • Help the person and then wonder why you helped the person after he starts complaining to you
    • Ignore the person
    • Reluctantly help him
  7. Do you think the United Republic should be the United Republic, the fire nation colonies, or become part of the earth kingdom again?

    • The United Republic because it really helps those who do not like the other nations
    • The United Republic because we do really awesome things and it does not matter which nation you're from!
    • My opinion does not really matter
    • The United Republic because that's where my family is from
    • Whatever Aang thinks is right....
    • I really have no idea
    • Aslong as it does not belong to the fire nation, then I do not care
    • The United Republic probably
    • I have heard a lot of cool things about the United Republic and their technology so I guess the United Republic
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