Will You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse?

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Walking Dead fans: Have you ever wondered if you even stand a chance in Hell against the undead apocalypse? Ladies and gentlemen, the chance to find out is here!

  1. Are you male or female?

    • Female
    • Male
  2. How physically fit are you?

    • Overweight
    • Muscular
    • Average
    • Obese
    • Skinny
    • Emaciated
  3. Are you book-smart or street-smart?

    • Both.
    • Street smart
    • Book smart
  4. Where do you go in a zombie apocalypse?

    • A shopping mall in the suburbs.
    • A rural farmhouse in the countryside.
    • A maximum security prison in an industrial city.
    • A military base in the city.
  5. When engaging in melee combat, blunt or bladed weapons?

    • Blunt. We're told to destroy the brain by blunt force, right?
    • Bladed. Too easy to just smash in the skull when you can stab or decapitate a walker.
  6. You loot a gun shop for a firearm of choice. Which do you take?

    • A submachinegun. (Fast rate of fire, fast reload, and a good chance of mowing down mobs of walkers for a short time.)
    • A sniper rifle. (High penetration. Excellent at long range, but long reload time.)
    • An assault rifle. (Good reload time, great distance coverage, and capable of holding more than one attachment.)
    • A pistol. (Fast to reload, easy to conceal, and gives me an edge in close and mid-range combat.)
    • A shotgun. (No zombie suvivor would be set without it!)
  7. Are you a Team Player or a Lone Wolf

    • Team Player. There's strength in numbers.
    • Lone Wolf. Don't mess with me, and I don't mess with you.
  8. How tall are you?

    • 5'11"
    • 6'5"
    • 6'1"
    • 6'4"
    • 6'3"
    • 5'10"
    • 6'
    • 6'2"
  9. What vehicle do you drive

    • I don't have a license.
    • Alternative means (bike, plane, boat, etc.)
    • An armored truck, van, or APC
    • A small, lightly armored, yet fast car.
  10. What do you have stocked in your home?

    • The basics. (Food, arms, ammo, clothes, medicine, etc.)
    • I'm an outdoorsman, so I usually scavenge for whatever I can find.
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