QUIZ: Which Animal Were You in a Past Life?

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Within all of us lies our atavistic animal nature...

  1. How do you like to relax?

    • A long, hot bath
    • Playing games
    • I ONLY relax
    • Reading
  2. How do you take your burger?

    • Vegetarian
    • With bacon
    • Rare
    • Just throw it in my mouth, I don't care
  3. What would your perfect job be?

    • Pilot
    • Vet
    • A sloth
    • Explorer
  4. If you're in an open meadow, what do you look at?

    • The inside of my eyelids
    • The bugs
    • The grass
    • The sky
  5. What do people first notice about you?

    • My eyes
    • My stance
    • I'm cute!
    • My fifth limb
  6. Which of these would you be most reluctant to give up?

    • Short haul flights
    • Day naps
    • Drinking
    • Meat
  7. What kind of exercise do you do on the regular?

    • Running
    • Swimming
    • Cycling
    • I don't
  8. Pick a movie about animals!

    • The Aristocats
    • Homeward Bound
    • Watership Down
    • No
  9. Describe your perfect night of passion...

    • Me and my beau would go wild and tear chunks out of each other
    • Cozy and loving
    • Rough and ready
    • Having a naughty dream while I'm asleep
  10. How do you feel about death?

    • Just try and catch me, m***********!
    • I'd like to be old, surrounded by family
    • I'll fight it tooth and claw
    • Sounds relaxing
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