Which Vampire Bloodline to you come from?

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From which line of immortals do you belong to?

  1. You see a group of teens from a rival high school. Do you?

    • Dinner time!
    • Spare them and hunt the woods for bear?
    • More minions to add to my army!
  2. You find the love of your life but a pesky wolf is getting in the way. Do you?

    • Trust your love, believe in loyalty.
    • Dump em, there's nothing like freedom!
    • Death to all Wolves!
  3. The sun has set. How will you spend your evening?

    • How do I bring the witches to their knees?
    • Snuggle by the moonlight with the one who loves you.
    • I'm Immortal...but I must FEED!
  4. Your sibling has betrayed you. Do you?

    • Forgive and Forget...we are Family nonetheless.
    • Tie them to the Thunderbolt and let them burn in the sun!
    • Lock them in a casket for a century. Make them suffer later.
  5. Dinner time! What's on the menu?

    • Stupid group of wannabe gangsters ! Peel their scalps back and burn what's left...
    • Virgen Sicilian served warm in a crystal wine glass...
    • Field rats served before the main course of Northern Deer. Followed up by a glass of Bengal Tiger blood flown in from Asia.
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