Which Once Upon a Time character are you?

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Are you the savior? The dark one? Find out!

  1. What is most important?

    • Hope
    • Family
    • Trust
    • Love
    • Revenge
    • Power
  2. You are walking down a path on your way back home and a man asks for your help. You...

    • You ignore him.
    • You help and then leave. You have more important matters.
    • Ask what he has to offer you as payment for your help.
    • Help him without a second thought, and wish him well on his journey.
    • You help him, and then give him some money. He looks poor, and like he needs it.
    • Talk to him for a while after helping him, and maybe tag along since you don't like to stay in one place for too long.
  3. How will you meet your true love?

    • He was a stable boy at my mother's palace, but because of a girl I saved he died.
    • She was my servant. I took her as payment.
    • I met her when I found her in the woods and helped her. Before I got to know her, I thought she was a bad person.
    • There's been so many it's hard to remember.
    • Well it's actually a funny story, I stole something from him and then...
    • I met my love in a bar, but she was taken from me. Then, I met my new love when I was trying to deceive her.
  4. What power would you have if you could?

    • The ability to change into a dragon
    • The power to make everyone equal
    • The power to find and protect my happiness
    • The power to make everyone happy
    • I already have all the power I need.
    • The ability to sense when I'm being lied to
  5. You are facing an incredibly powerful sorcerer that has never been beaten. You...

    • I'll band together my friends and we'll defeat him no matter what.
    • Talk to my family and close friends and find a solution.
    • That's me. You described me.
    • I'm a survivor. I'll figure something out.
    • Ha! Like anyone could be foolish enough to cross me.
    • Pull together the kingdom, give a speech about hope, and fight your hardest!
  6. A curse is coming! You...

    • Try to outrun it!
    • Make sure our only chance to break the curse has escaped!
    • Protect my own.
    • I knew it was coming. I've already made preparations for the new realm.
    • I cast it, actually.
    • My family made sure I was safe.
  7. Favorite color?

    • Green
    • Black
    • Blue
    • White
    • Purple
    • Red
  8. What is your favorite animal?

    • Dogs are awesome.
    • They all suck.
    • I don't know, rabbits?
    • They are all pretty cool.
    • Horse
    • Definitely not alligators
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