QUIZ: How Psychic Are You?

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Are you connected to the spirit energies of the universe?

  1. How often do your dreams anticipate reality?

    • Frequently, it actually freaks me out sometimes
    • It might have happened once or twice, but that's just statistically likely
    • Never / I can't remember
  2. Are people surprised by what you can tell about them on a first encounter?

    • Sometimes, I'm quite good at reading people
    • Yes, I can see something change in their eyes when I sense their true nature
    • No, I wouldn't want to be presumptuous
  3. Do you find images conjured up in your mind's eye that seem inexplicable?

    • Yes, all the time, I like to think about what they mean
    • Sure, sometimes - that's just my brain processing my surroundings
    • No, I mostly think about beer and pizza - very easily explained!
  4. Do animals warm to you?

    • No, cats always hiss at me
    • Yes, I feel like I can understand what they're trying to say
    • Maybe a bit, I quite like animals
  5. Are particular people draining to your life force?

    • Some people are particularly high maintenance or annoying?
    • Not really, I keep myself to myself unless I'm with really close friends or family
    • Yes, their negativity is like an emotional vampire to my spirit
  6. Do you sense danger in a situation before others?

    • No, I'm not very observant
    • There've been a couple times, but I'm sure others felt it too
    • Yes, very often
  7. Have you ever experimented with a Ouija Board?

    • Yes, and I made contact with a spirit
    • Yes, but had to stop because I got nervous
    • No, they're stupid and fake
  8. When you meet a new friend, do you sense you're going to be close?

    • Maybe, sometimes I'll 'click' with someone
    • Yes, I instantly feel anchored to their energy
    • No, that takes time to build
  9. Are you attuned to the ebb and flow of psychic energies?

    • Erm... maybe?
    • No, that doesn't even mean anything
    • Yes, I've always felt open to the spirits
  10. Have you ever seen a ghost?

    • There was this one time, but I can't be sure
    • Yes, I'm quite certain in my belief
    • No, because they're not real
  11. What color do you feel drawn to?

    • What kind of BS question is that?
    • I like blue
    • I like black
  12. Have you ever moved an object through sheer force of will

    • No, don't be ridiculous
    • Yes
    • I don't think so...
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