QUIZ: How Long Would You Survive In A Zombie Apocalypse?

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What if the post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead suddenly became a reality? How long would YOU survive? Take the quiz and find out!

Here are the rules: You can choose ONE item from each category to aid you in your quest to surviving the zombie apocalypse. Choose wisely! Your survival will depend on the decisions you make....

  1. Choose a firearm:

    • AK47
    • Sniper Rifle
    • Shotgun
    • Silenced pistol
  2. Choose an accessory:

    • Water bottle
    • Walky Talky x2
    • Road map
    • Torch
    • Compass
    • Watch
    • Mobile Phone
    • Clockwork Radio
    • Sleeping bag
  3. Choose a second accessory:

    • Water Purifier
    • Respirator Mask
    • German Shepherd Dog
    • First Aid Kit
    • Body Armour
    • Night Vision Goggles
  4. Choose a place to reside:

    • Your house (with a few added safety measures)
    • Large House/Mansion
    • Prison
    • Supermarket
    • Hospital
    • Shopping Mall
    • Large Tent (Can always move around)
  5. Choose one of the following:

    • Portable toaster - run by cigarette port in car
    • Portable gas stove
    • Portable Oven - run by cigarette port in car
  6. Choose a mode of transportation:

    • An army truck, with little room for luggage, but has a machine gun mounted on the roof.
    • A Small, economical car
    • A really fast Motorbike
    • A fuel-guzzling Hummer (like the one pictured)
  7. Choose a melee weapon:

    • Axe
    • Spade
    • Katana
    • Baseball Bat
    • Large Kitchen Knife
    • Chainsaw
    • Machete
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