What Fantastic Four Member Are You?

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What Fantastic Four Hero are you?

  1. What are you like?

    • A giant rock.
    • A mind control person?
    • A stretchy thing?
  2. What DC character are you like?

    • Star Fire?
    • Superman (I'm talking about his strength)
    • Raven?
    • Elastic Man?
  3. What power is strongest?

    • Strength... duh.
    • FIRE!
    • Smartness and Elastic!
    • Telekenisis!
  4. What do you think yourself as?

    • The Tanker?
    • The leader of a group?
    • The second in command?
    • The Scorcher?
  5. What do you do to help the group?

    • Strength and Tanking!
    • I operate things like Mission Control on infiltrations.
    • I invent dimension portals.
    • FIRE!
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