What Kind of Lifestyle Would You Lead in The Elder Scrolls V?

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Would you be a farmer with your own land and family, or A lonely adventurer with a small property used only to store items? Find out here.

  1. Where do you fit in in your Social Class or group of friends?

    • A loving parent.
    • My group of friends and I are equals we just go with the flow.
    • I am the lowest and do others dirty work.
    • I am the most respected and make all decisions.
  2. What do you find more useful?

    • A sword.
    • A hoe.
    • A protector.
    • Money.
  3. In a bad situation who would you rather have by your side?

    • A loyal pet, or companion.
    • Anyone brave enough to protect me.
    • My entire family.
    • No one just myself.
  4. What do you find comfort in?

    • A family.
    • Another form of safe life.
    • My pride, or hitting something.
    • Gossip.
  5. What do you want others to think of you?

    • Someone they can trust.
    • They shouldn't waste there time on me.
    • A hero.
    • Just another human being.
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