Which is your movie love story?

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In wich movie would you be the main character? The fault in our stars? Titanic? twilight?

  1. If you have a crush on someone, what would you do?

    • Nothing, if he likes you he would talk to you.
    • Run to hide somewhere.
    • You try to talk to him/her.
  2. Where do you prefer to be kissed?

    • In a museum.
    • In a beautifull cruise.
    • In your house.
  3. What kind of guy do you like the most?

    • Romantic and a gentelman.
    • Creative and Romantic
    • Mysterious
  4. How is your personality?

    • Introverted.
    • Smart and a little bit selfish.
    • Romantic and brave.
  5. Which kind of movies do you like the most?

    • Imposible Love.
    • Romantic.
    • Supernatural.
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