Which Marvel Cinematic Universe villain are you?

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Just a short quiz telling you how bad to the bone you are.

  1. Why do you do what you do?

    • To steal the rich guy's girlfriend.
    • I do it to 'purify' the universe.
    • To bring back a world to my liking.
    • I've always hated thieves. Why not be one?
    • I do it for daddy's sake.
  2. How are you going to do all this?

    • Another mystical power source.
    • A scepter.
    • Big hammer with a mystical stone.
    • First, find a fallout guy and become a superhuman fireplace.
    • Suit that looks like a bug.
  3. What's your worst fear?

    • Giant bugs.
    • My would-have-been girlfriend shooting me with a missile.
    • Falling ships.
    • Raccoon with a giant tree, another green guy and a green girl, and a guy with a weird family tree.
    • Being shown up by an ogre. And my brother.
  4. If you won against your foe, how would you celebrate?

    • No more mad titan, no more space cops.
    • I would be king.
    • hope you have a flashlight. It's going to get really dark.
    • Little extra money in my pocket and my worst enemy dead. Simple.
    • Work has to be done. No time for celebration.
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