Is He/She The One?

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Wondering if this person your are interested in is a good match for you when it comes down to the science? Then this is the quiz for you.

  1. Are you attracted to him/her?

    • No
    • Personallity
    • Physically and Personallity
    • Physically
  2. Is there chemistry?

    • When he/she touches me I feel butterflies.
    • When he/she touches me I'm grossed out.
    • He/she has not touched me.
    • When he/she touches me I feel like getting it on.
  3. Do you get along with his/her family?

    • I haven't met them
    • No
    • Kind of
    • Yes
  4. Do you love him/her?

    • No
    • I don't know
    • I think but I'm not sure.
    • Yes
  5. Do you have the same beliefs (religious and moral)?

    • No, in every way.
    • Yes, exactly the same.
    • Mostly not, but some.
    • Mostly yeah, but some not.
  6. Do you like to do the same things for fun?

    • Hardly anything, but some things.
    • Not at all.
    • Yes. He/she reads my mind!
    • Most things, but not all.
  7. Does he/she take care of you?

    • No. Doesn't make any effort to either.
    • Yes. However she/he can!
    • Sometimes.
    • Not much.
  8. How do you solve fights?

    • We don't. All we do is argue.
    • We don't fight.
    • We argue. Think about it. Then solve it together.
    • We listen to each other and solve them within the day.
  9. Do you both have the same ideas on how many children and what pets you want?

    • Yes pets, no to kids.
    • Yes kids, no to pets.
    • No one both.
    • Yes on both.
  10. How do your friends feel about it?

    • They have not met him/her.
    • They don't have an opinion really.
    • They hate him/her.
    • They love him/her!
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