How Spiritual Are You?

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Some people are instinctively more in tune with other realms than others, but where do you lie on the spiritual spectrum?

  1. How do you feel about being alone?

    • If I had my way, I would always be with friends!
    • Although people in my life are important, I thrive on having time alone to reflect and enjoy my hobbies
    • I like to be alone, but only for a few hours at a time
  2. How do you react when you're confronted with a time of great suffering?

    • I sit on my own watching Netflix and eating pizza
    • I accept this trying time as part of the human experience and see it as an opportunity to become a stronger person
    • I try my best to look after myself and not let my suffering impact the people around me
  3. Life's most urgent question is...

    • What am I doing for others?
    • What am I doing to better my own life?
    • What's for dinner?
  4. If everyone disagrees with your opinion in a heated discussion, how do you react?

    • I'd rather not talk about contentious subjects that rile people up
    • I respect other people's opinions, but I maintain my personal beliefs regardless of external pressure.
    • I'm quite likely to back down under public pressure, even if my opinions remained the same
  5. Someone starts talking about the healing power of crystals, how do you feel?

    • You're ecstatic, this is one of your areas of expertise!
    • You listen to be polite, but you're eager to change the subject
    • If it was socially acceptable to run away, I would!
  6. Are you fascinated about phenomena that have no scientific explanation?

    • To be honest, I think that stuff is for crackpots
    • Yes, there simply has to be another explanation that is beyond our futile human understanding
    • I find them fascinating, but I'm not ruling out the fact that science will explain them in time
  7. Do you often trust your gut feeling as opposed to logical thinking?

    • Sometimes, but only if I really can't shake the feeling
    • No, our logical thinking is what separates us from the other animals
    • Yes, I think humans should trust their instincts more. They are there for a reason?
  8. Do you feel a strong connection with nature?

    • I like the great outdoors, as long as I know I won't be there for too long
    • Yes, I'd ideally love to live in the isolated countryside
    • I can take or leave nature, really
  9. Do you believe that your life has a supreme purpose, even if you haven't figured it out yet?

    • I think life is a series of events, not a specific goal
    • Yes, everybody has a purpose set for them by a higher power
    • I think my life has a purpose, but it's me who gets to decide it
  10. What's your view on déjà vu?

    • I've never experienced it
    • I think it is a way for the universe to connect me to my past incarnations
    • It's a strange feeling, but it can normally be explained. It's just a glitch in the way our memories are constructed
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