Which Martine McCutcheon Characters are you?

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Is Mia the character you are most similar to? (Martine McCutcheon is awesome in that movie!) Or are you more like another one of Martine's characters- Mia from MI-5 /Spooks perhaps? Please share to friends! Thanks!

  1. Your age?

    • Under 25
    • 25 & up
  2. What type of gal are you?

    • Outgoing
    • Sassy
  3. Do you date dumb guys?

    • No/I don't know
    • Yes
  4. Would you make out in a public bathroom?

    • Yes & I have before
    • Heck No!
  5. Do you like Barry White's music?

    • No, He's lame!
    • Yes! He's got a sexy voice!
  6. Did you ever date a mean guy?

    • Yes...Unfortunately
    • No, I know NOT to
  7. Do you dress colorfully?

    • Yes, I love to mix it up!
    • No, I stick to Black, mostly.
  8. Do you like to teach people new things?

    • No, I'm just not good at teaching people.
    • Yes, and I love to teach!
  9. Do you like chubby guys?

    • Yes! They're so cute & cuddly like teddy bears!
    • No, they always have "man boobs"!
  10. Do you like to go clubbing?

    • Nah, I'd rather stay home & veg
    • Heck yeah! See you there!
  11. Do you like kids?

    • Nah, They're annoying!
    • Of course! They're precious!
  12. Do you believe in showing Empathy?

    • I try to show people that I care.
    • No, I worry about myself first and foremost.
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