Born To Be A Hero: Which Superhero Will You Become?

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You've seen them in movies. You've read about them in comics. Now it's your turn. Put on the cape. Find out which hero you are destined to be, and then go fight some bad guys!

  1. You want to start a hobby. What do you start?

    • Photography.
    • Running a large business.
    • Working in a lab.
    • Writing for the newspaper.
    • Working in a hospital.
    • Flying jets.
    • Building inventions.
  2. What's your favorite type of vehicle?

    • A jet.
    • An Audi.
    • Sometime type of sports car.
    • A bus.
    • A Lamborghini.
    • A pickup truck.
    • A Humvee.
  3. Capes or no capes: you decide.

    • Capes.
    • No capes.
    • No capes.
    • Capes.
    • No capes.
    • No capes.
    • No capes.
  4. Which type of pet do you prefer?

    • Snakes.
    • Dog robots.
    • Farm animals.
    • Bats.
    • Spiders.
    • Dogs.
    • Bears.
  5. You are being attacked. You need a weapon! Pick one:

    • A sword.
    • A rifle.
    • Web shooters.
    • My massive fists.
    • A suit of armor.
    • A throwing star.
    • Any sort of iron bar or metal post.
  6. Did you grow up with your parents?

    • I grew up with my parents.
    • I never knew my parents.
    • My parents were royalty.
    • My parents were killed.
    • I grew up with my aunt and uncle.
    • My dad left when I was little.
    • My father hated me.
  7. What are your favorite colors?

    • red and yellow
    • dark red and dark
    • red, yellow, and blue
    • light red and light blue
    • black and grey
    • green and purple
    • red, white, and blue
  8. You need an alias. What should it be?

    • The Caped Crusader
    • Wall-Crawler
    • Green Goliath
    • Shellhead
    • Diana Prince
    • The Good Samaritan
    • Warbird
  9. If you could fight a villain, who would it be?

    • Brainiac
    • Cyberex
    • Normon Osborn
    • Thunderbolt Ross
    • The Joker
    • The Mandarin
    • Cheetah
  10. You need somewhere to settle down. What kind of place do you pick?

    • An apartment somewhere in New York City.
    • Somewhere remote, like Calcutta.
    • Avengers tower, New York City
    • A mansion on the outskirts of a big city.
    • An island in the middle of the ocean.
    • A farm in the middle of Kansas.
    • A fancy, modern house near the sea.
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