Which Martine McCutcheon "crossroads" song are you?

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Rainy Days, What You See Is What You Get, The First Time I Fell in Love, or Love Me

  1. Are you married or engaged?

    • I hope to be
    • I'm too young!
    • No
    • yes
  2. Do you like romantic songs?

    • Yes
    • I love remakes
    • No
    • I prefer dance music
  3. Is your relationship very sexy?

    • oh yeah!
    • we try, we work at it
    • again, too young
    • it was.. at the beginning
  4. Do you both hang out with all your friends a lot (separately)?

    • We used to.
    • No. We are best friends.
    • Yes. We are each very independent.
    • We all hang out together.
  5. Are you confident you'll have a long lasting relationship?

    • They're not meant to last forever
    • If we give 50/50
    • No
    • Anything's possible
  6. Would you run away together or elope?

    • If & when the time is right, then Yes!
    • Yes! So romantic!
    • If I had a do-over
  7. Did you breakup but got back together?

    • No, never did.
    • No, no second chances with me.
    • Yes, we were always off & on.
    • I'm up for another try.
  8. Do you have a certain song which you call "our song"?

    • I think so
    • No
    • Yes
    • We loved a lot of the same music
  9. Is your partner a very good friend to you (besides all the romantic part)?

    • I focus on romance
    • No
    • not really
    • like a bff
  10. Do you "just make sense" together?

    • Our friends say so!
    • Of course!
    • No
    • I wouldn't say that
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