Are you a human, dragon or a Dragon Lord?

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This quiz is to find out if you are a lowly human, a mighty dragon, or the ruler of all dragons

  1. When you see a dragon what do you do?

    • pimp slap it to show who's boss
    • just keep flying
    • run like the wind
  2. What is your job?

    • I attack the cities so humans don't get a big head.
    • I keep the humans and dragons in line
    • Keep prisoners outside so the dragons get them.
  3. Are you a leader or nah?

    • I'm in the middle
    • Nahhhh
    • Its natural, i can't turn it off
  4. Do you like people?

    • Select few
    • People are amazing
    • Not particularly
  5. Do you like Dragons?

    • They are beautiful creatures and they are all mine!
    • Eh
    • They are cool but scary
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