Which Cruel, Rude and Bad ass DBZ Villain are you ??

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Discover the great intergallactic, super strong, evil Villain you are from the DBZ universe!!!

  1. Which one is your favourite for lunch ?

    • My enemy
    • Homo Sapiens
    • Ham Burgers
    • Anything that fits the mouth
    • Saiyans
  2. What do you like to do for time pass ?

    • Destroy some planets
    • Collect dragon balls and wish to become the strongest
    • Kill innocent creatures
    • Defeat the strongest being to claim his or her crown
    • PS4
  3. What's your favourite movie ?

    • The Dark Knight
    • Lord of the Rings
    • 300
    • Star Wars
    • Harry Potter
  4. Who will you most probably like to defeat ?

    • Krillin
    • Bardock
    • Deadpool
    • Goku
    • Gozita
  5. What's your special attack ?

    • Ultimate Pain Killing Wave
    • a Kick to the main part
    • Ultra Disaster Beam
    • Meteor Laser Strike
    • The Evil Little Ball of Death
  6. What's your favourite word ?

    • Rage
    • Destruction
    • Terror
    • Evil
    • Fuck
  7. As a Super Villain, what's your aim in your life? just asking,doesn't matter to me..

    • Defeat the strongest being in the universe so that people can know that you are the real champ.
    • Destroy everything so that you are the only one alive in the universe and can do whatever you like.
    • Make your own Army and rule the world like a dumb but awesome Dictator.
    • Kill innocent people just to get out of boredom sometimes.....
    • To open the World's Largest Caramel factory to make your children proud of you....awww that's so sweet of you ...isn't it?
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