Who are you? WALKING DEAD!

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  1. A Zombie Apocalypse Has Just Taken Over Your City What Do You Do?

    • Find Others
    • Run/Drive Away As Quick As You Can!
    • Gather Important Essentials.
    • Learn How To Shoot.
    • Call Your Family, Make Sure They Are Alright.
  2. When The Attack Happens, What Will You Try To Find?

    • A car.
    • Family.
    • food...
    • weapons.
    • Survivor Camp
  3. You Leave Your Home What Do you Bring?

    • Guns
    • Family Photo Albums.
    • Bag Of Food
    • Katana
    • Vehicle
  4. In A Group You Are?....

    • The Hunter
    • The One Who Gathers The Supplies.
    • The One Who Protects The Group.
    • The One Who Destroys The Group By Backstabbing.
    • The One Who Offers Support.
  5. A Women With A Walker Bite Tries To Join Your Group What Do You Do?

    • Clean It Up For Her But Tell Her The Bad News (DEATH)
    • Offer Your Help But Keep Her Away From Your Family.
    • Kill Her, Its For The Best.
    • Tell Her Its Over And Ask Her What She Really Wants.
    • Tie Her Up And Leave Her
  6. When The Walkers Come For You, What Do You Do?

    • Slice It
    • Smash Its Head In
    • Stab It
    • Arrow It
    • Shoot It
  7. When Faced With A Decision, What Do You Do?

    • Think, Think, Think, Think Again And Then Decide
    • You Don't Get Faced With A Desicion
    • Ask Others For Their Opinion And Help.
    • Go Crazy
    • Make A Choice And Stick With It
  8. What Do You Do When Someone New Arrives To Your Camp?

    • Welcome Them
    • Don't Let Them Join Ever!!
    • Ask Them The Three Questions
    • Let Them Join But Keep Your Eye On them...
    • Say Nothing Let Everyone Else Decide
  9. What Makes You Angry?

    • People Who Disagree With You.
    • People Who Break Your Trust
    • Being Hungry.
    • Governors/Cannibals
    • People Who Are Dangerous.
  10. A zombie apocalypse is an opportunity to...

    • Protect Your Family
    • Start Life Over.
    • Kill As Many People You Can!
    • Get A Girlfriend <3 <3 xx
    • Survive As Long As Possible.
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