Which Arrow Character Are You?

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Find out if you're Oliver, Diggle, Roy, Felicity or Thea!

  1. You notice that someone has been following you around, you....

    • Ask them what they want
    • Throw a knife at them
    • Go home, get security footage from the area and use facial recognition to identify the person
    • Lure them to you
    • Beat them up then, interrogate them
  2. You see someone being mugged in an alleyway you....

    • Use your martial arts skills to fight them off
    • Run away
    • Chase them
    • Throw something at the mugger to distract them
    • Throw a stun grenade
  3. You see that your house was broke into, you...

    • You devise a plan on how to get the intruders out
    • Try to make the intruders come out by taunting them
    • Try to reason with the intruders
    • Investigate the inside and see what was stolen
    • Go inside and give the intruders justice
  4. Someone has just revealed your biggest secret, you...

    • Hunt down the person and make them pay for what they have done
    • Beat them up. Hack whoever released the secret's technology
    • Ask them why they did it
    • Beat them up
    • Don't really care
  5. You are a hostage in a bank robbery, you

    • Use a gun stashed in your pocket to create a shootout
    • Make crime pay
    • Just wait until the Police come
    • Try to create a distraction
    • Use Morse code and see if anyone realizes
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