Which Deadly Disease Would You Most Likely Get Infected By?

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Remember, there is no likely way you'l die from any of these. It's just a quiz.

  1. How many times do you consult your doctor?

    • I don't really care.
    • Every day.
    • Once a month.
    • Other (comment)
    • Sometimes.
  2. How is your sex life?

    • I don't have time for sex.
    • I have sex everyday.
    • I'm single.
    • I'm a father/mother.
    • I'm a virgin.
  3. Which continent do you live in?

    • America
    • I'm an alien
    • Europe
    • Africa
    • Asia
  4. How do you want the weather to be?

    • Just a normal weather in spring
    • Autumn
    • Tropical and hot
    • Snowy
    • I always want ice cream in hot weather.
  5. Are you allergic to any of these?

    • Horses.
    • Nope.
    • Cats.
    • Flies that sting or bite.
    • Dogs.
  6. Do you own a dog?

    • I hate dogs.
    • I'm afraid of dogs.
    • Yes. I love dogs.
    • They take too much space.
    • Yeah, because I don't have a child.
  7. What's your home of dreams?

    • A place no one else knows about.
    • A tropical island with hot babes.
    • Candy land.
    • My home.
    • I don't care.
  8. Are you a good parent?

    • Like I said, I'm a virgin.
    • I haven't met my child yet.
    • I don't want kids. I just want to get laid.
    • I love my child.
    • Uhh... I think so?
  9. Are you germaphobic?

    • I just let my worries fade away.
    • Why should anyone be that?
    • No. Not really.
    • I don't go outside without protection.
    • Yes. A little.
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