Which Sith Are You?

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Take this quiz to find out which sith most suites you!

  1. What Colour is you Lightsaber?

    • Green
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Orange
  2. What type of Lightsaber do you use?

    • Double
    • Curved Hilt
    • Single
    • Staff
  3. Are you better with the force or a lightsaber?

    • Lightsaber, but I can use the force when i need it
    • The Force, but my lightsaber is always at my side
    • Bit of both
    • The Force is strong in this one
    • I only ever use a lightsaber!
  4. What would you do if you where a sith

    • Become a powerful master of the force
    • Darth Lord
    • Kill everyone!!!
    • Become an Emperor!
    • Assassin
  5. Would you rather?

    • Kill my foe from behind! they'll never see that coming
    • Use the force to tear apart my foe
    • Avoid a fight and talk them into becoming your new apprentice
    • Kill my foe with great saber skills
    • Brutally annihilate my foe with pure force
  6. Do you like to fly?

    • I Dont mind it too much
    • I have my own ship and i fly it if i have too
    • I will sneak aboard any ship to avoid flying
    • I am the best pilot in the Galaxy!
    • Ha! I dont fly i have pilots for that
  7. Why are you a sith?

    • My master found me on the streets and saw potential in me
    • I was a rich man and my master saw potential in me
    • My master saw me to be powerful and created a cunning plan to get me to be his apprentice
    • I was a Jedi but found more potential as a sith
    • I took it up for myself and found my own master
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