How well do you know Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter?

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Friday 4 is my favorite film in the series. Do you know it as well as I do? Let's find out.

  1. Who directed the film?

    • Wes Craven
    • Sean S Cunningham
    • Joe Zito
  2. Who really made the mask Tommy Jarvis made in the film?

    • Tom Savini
    • John Carpenter
    • Corey Feldman
  3. Who plays Jason in the film?

    • Robert Englund
    • Kane Hodder
    • Ted White
  4. Who was the cinematographer?

    • Joao Fernandes
    • Harry Manfredini
    • Richard Roma
  5. What song was Crispin originally dancing to when they shot this scene before they edited in a different song?

    • "Back In Black" by AC/DC
    • "Love Is A Lie" by Lion
    • "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister
  6. Who did the fan commentary for the Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter DVD release?

    • Adam Green and Joe Lynch
    • George Romero and Tom Savini
    • Kane Hodder and Tony Todd
  7. Was the character Tommy Jarvis named after Tom Savini?

    • False
    • True
  8. What other '80s film was Judie Aronson in?

    • A Nightmare on Elm Street 3
    • Weird Science
    • Revenge of the Nerds
  9. What was the actor who played Tommy upset about when they shot this scene?

    • He didn't get to see boobs
    • It was too cold outside
    • A skunk was nearby and made the set stink
  10. Which actor got hypothermia while shooting?

    • Crispen Glover
    • Judie Aronson
    • Kimberly Beck
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