How long would you live in a Halloween Movie?

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This quiz is to see how long you would survive if you lived inside a Halloween Movie.

  1. If one of your friends decide to throw a big Halloween party and invites you what do you do?

    • Go to the party but keep an eye on your surroundings
    • Go to the party and and hang out with your friends and have a great time
    • Stay home and lock all your doors. Halloween party's are never to be trusted.
  2. You see someone walk into your neighbors house. What do you do?

    • Grab a weapon and head over to your neighbors house.
    • Turn on the tv. Its probably nothing, neighbors just having company for dinner tonight.
    • Set a couple of traps out. If something is to happen to them and that person decides to come over here, i'll be ready.
    • Keep an eye on their house from a distance. Just to be safe.
  3. You hear a loud noise coming from upstairs. What do you do?

    • Hide. No one will see me if i hide here...
    • Go check. Its nothing, probably just the animals messing around.
    • Run. Better safe than sorry.
    • Grab the sharpest knife next to you. Whoever or whatever it is, they're about to go down.
  4. You come face to face with Michael Myers. What do you do?

    • Fight! I'm not going out without a fair fight. No way am i gonna give up now.
    • Panic. Oh no! I can't get my thoughts together...!
    • Black out. All of this is just going to my head. I can't believe this is happening.
    • Run. No way am i fighting this tough guy. I'm not taking any chances.
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