A custom walking dead quiz

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my own walking dead quiz.Don't forget to comment who you got.

  1. A little bitch named lily comes back for Kenny.What do you do?

    • Kill all Walkers With Luke.
    • bury Mike
    • Get everyone out.Except for Kenny he can kill her.
    • protect clem
    • Protect Rebecca and AJ
    • Help Kenny to kill Lily.
    • Protect Bonnie
    • Run away
    • Run with AJ and Rebecca
    • Protect Jane
  2. You all get split up and Bonnie and jane are with you.AND you have to give one food.WHO DO YOU PICK.

    • JANE
    • BONNIE
  3. You get back together and everyone is there but Kenny and Lily.what do you do?

    • Pray for Mike.
    • Help her with Aj
    • Kiss jane and say yes he is gone.
    • Kenny can manage.
    • Take a nap
    • Share a drink with look
    • Protect Clem
    • Take care of Aj when his mom is asleep
    • Look for him with Lee
  4. Bonnie is bit and she says if Kenny isn't here she won't make it.What do you do?

    • What would Mike do?
    • Stop Luke from crying
    • Feed AJ.
    • Lee let's go look for Kenny
    • Comfort Clem
    • Kenny where are you!?!?
    • Refuse to go.
    • I am going alone
    • Help Bonnie's bite.
    • Calm down Rebecca
  5. you end up going alone and you find Lily with a bloody face. Claiming she killed Kenny. What do you do?

    • Let Lily go
    • Avenge Kenny.
  6. You come back and Bonnie has become a Zombie and Lee is not here.What do you do?

    • Protect Clem!
    • Wish Kenny was still here!
    • Protect AJ!
    • Luke help!
    • run to Rebecca!
    • Bonnie you don't have to do this!
    • Mike!
    • Protect jane!
    • Where is Lee!?
    • Kick her in the face!
  7. When you are about to die Kenny rescues the group.What do you do

    • Smile.
    • Laugh with Rebecca
    • Bury Bonnie.
    • Make sure no one is bit.
    • Mourn Mike.
    • Give Aj to Kenny.
    • Hug Kenny and Luke
    • Ask Kenny to help you find Lee.
    • Thank Kenny.
    • Hit Kenny.
  8. You and Kenny look for Lee and you see him next to two bodies which belong to Christa and Omid.

    • Kick Lee because he scared the group.
    • You and Kenny comfort Lee
  9. you and the group find a family with goods.What do you do?

    • Help Kenny kill these people
    • Tell them about Mike and Bonnie
    • Don't steal.
    • Shoot Kenny
    • Careful
    • Kiss Aj on the forehead
    • Pray for Bonnie
    • Greet them.
    • Steal some food.
    • Ask them for baby food.
  10. Kenny runs into the forest after the family.Then a Bullet goes flying and get's Rebecca in the head. WHAT DO YOU DO?

    • Pull out a gun
    • Pray for Mike
    • Protect the kids.
    • Cry like Bonnie did.
    • Protect and kiss Jane
    • Run to AJ
    • What happened Lee?!
    • Was that Kenny?
    • Bury Rebecca
    • Luke?
  11. It was Carver who did that.what do you do?

    • Avenge Rebecca
    • This guy didn't do shit to me.I let him go.
  12. Carver Laughs and shoots himself and zombies are screaming the way Kenny went.Where do you go?

    • Can I go alone?
    • Go with Jane
    • Kenny would like me to protect AJ
    • To Kenny.
  13. Kenny comes back running and Luke shoots himself.What do you do?

    • Sleep
    • mourn Rebecca
    • The fuck just happened?!?!
    • Kenny?
    • Lee
    • Take care of AJ
    • Mourn luke
    • Sleep with Jane
  14. You bury all of the bodies you jump down to the town but you go down and break the roof along with your leg and the zombies heard that.What do you do?

    • No need.
    • I will be with the dead now
    • Call Kenny
    • I will be with the dead now
    • I will be with the dead now
    • Keep AJ safe
    • Call Lee
    • I will be with the dead now
    • Call clem to help you.
    • Call for Jane
  15. Kenny jumps down to save you but runs away.The group horrified with Kenny's supposed death.They split.WHO DO YOU GO WITH.

    • Lee,Clem and AJ
    • Alone
    • Jane
  16. you are in the forest and you see a little girl trapped by zombies. WHAT DO YOU DO?

    • A lady and her baby. maybe they know this girl
    • I see someone coming.HELP!
    • A baby.
    • What do I do?
    • shoot all the walkers
    • point the gun at the man coming.
    • help her up.
    • A woman!?
  17. She says her name is clem and she is taking you to her group when 2 people come running and the group comes they see each other it is instant war.What do you do?

    • protect the girl
    • protect bonnie
    • Help Lee
    • help Kenny.
    • Protect yourself.
    • Give Luke a gun
    • Give Mike a gun
    • Help jane.
    • protect AJ
    • Protect Rebecca
  18. These two people end up dead and clem welcomes you to the group. Zombies approach you. WHO DO YOU KILL.

    • I PICK AJ
    • I PICK LEE
  19. You cross and Mike dies.but every one is pissed that you where going to sacrifice someone.Some girl with a bite and a zombie leg comes.What do you do?

    • Play with AJ
    • ask jane out.
    • Apologise to Rebecca
    • Defend myself from Lee
    • Help Kenny cut her arm off.
    • comfort Bonnie.
    • Sit down.
    • mourn mike
    • I try to clear up my mistake.
    • Help Luke comfort the girl.
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