What Would Your Vision Have Been in Avengers: Age of Ultron?

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Wondering which of the Scarlet Witch-induced visions you'd have been hit with, had you been one of Avengers: Age of Ultron's superheroes? Well, wonder no more, as this here quiz should offer you some clarity (and a few minor Age of Ultron SPOILERS, if you haven't seen the movie yet)...

  1. First up: Who do you think you've learned the most from?

    • My partner
    • My family
    • My mistakes
    • Myself
    • My teachers
  2. OK, a deeper one now: What do you do when you realize you've made a mistake?

    • Try to fix it, no matter what...
    • Just power through...
    • Keep it to myself...
    • I don't make mistakes...
    • Apologize, and make things right...
  3. A big one, this: How close are you with your family?

    • I pretty much keep myself to myself.
    • Super close - they're the most important thing in my life.
    • We don't get on.
    • Not all that close.
    • My friends are my family.
  4. Similarly: How close are you to your friends?

    • I love 'em - but I keep them at arms length.
    • We're pretty darned close.
    • I like to feel like I don't need 'em.
    • They're like family to me.
    • I find it hard to trust anyone but my best bud.
  5. And, crucially: How's your relationship with your partner?

    • We keep things pretty loose.
    • Perpetually dysfunctional.
    • I'm (happily) single.
    • They're super important to me - but we still do our own thing.
    • I'm pretty sure I'm going to be alone forever.
  6. OK, we're halfway through now: How well do you sleep at night?

    • Not great.
    • I make sure I always get my 8 hours.
    • It depends on how much stress I have at work.
    • I barely sleep.
    • Fantastically, as a rule.
  7. Next up: How well do you know your neighbors?

    • Not at all - and I'm OK with that.
    • We always say hi, and lend each other sugar.
    • Too well.
    • I like to keep my distance.
    • We're buds.
  8. A tough one, this: If you were ever in trouble, who would you call?

    • The cops
    • My family
    • My best friend
    • No-one
    • My whole extended friendship group
  9. Almost there, now: What kind of a friend are you?

    • I'm always trying to help.
    • A long distance one.
    • I keep my distance, but I come through when it counts.
    • I try to support them in being whoever they need to be.
    • I'm always there when my friends need me.
  10. And, finally: Which of these are you most afraid of?

    • Being powerless
    • Losing control
    • Doing the wrong thing
    • Something bad happening to my family
    • Being alone
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