QUIZ: What Is Your Serial Killer Name?

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I mean, killing's one thing. But branding's another...

  1. What do you like to eat?

    • Only the finest haute cuisine
    • Pizza
    • A lightly grilled panini
    • Well, eyeballs are my favorite
  2. Pick a weapon...

    • A rubber chicken
    • A kitchen knife
    • A lawnmower
    • All of them
  3. What kind of speed do you hunt at?

    • I like to hop on my segway
    • However fast you run, I walk faster
    • I'm not fast... but neither are they after the chloroform
    • I run at my prey like a rabid orc
  4. Describe your last victim.

    • She talked too much
    • Delicious
    • Messy
    • Uh, I don't know, I was actually aiming for the guy next to him?
  5. Honestly, though, was your childhood kinda weird?

    • It was wonderful, we all made the Grand Master of the Land very happy
    • No, everyone on the boat was very nice
    • A little boring, if anything
    • Not once I'd killed my parents
  6. What was your favorite game as a teenager?

    • Hooky
    • Splatterhouse
    • Hopscotch
    • Russian Roulette
  7. Pick an animal.

    • A duck-billed Platypus
    • A dragon
    • A snake
    • A wolf
  8. Can I take a look around your bedroom?

    • Sure, don't disturb my porcelain dolls though, they're sleeping
    • No, I've got company...
    • Oh, it's a real mess right now
    • Uh, it's probably best if you don't...
  9. Where's your favorite place to hang out in Summer?

    • The Drive-In
    • The Waterpark
    • The Park
    • The Diner
  10. Pick a pizza topping...

    • Fingers
    • Brains
    • Testicles
    • Pineapple
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