What Lightsaber Color Would You Have?

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Blue, Green, Red, Purple, yellow... wait what?

  1. Your in Corusant and there is an attack on the Jedi Temple what would your first reaction be?

    • Go get help and try to get as many people out of there alive
    • Go into the Temple and take out the enemy
    • take out the enemy by doing counter attacks and coming in without them knowing your around
    • warn others and protect the Jedi with your life
    • kill them all
  2. How would you use your force ability?

    • You would only use the force for Power and strength
    • You would use it in both dark and light variations
    • Don't need the force, you just need to know how to fight without causing a scene
    • You will use the force later on, you don't worry about it till master your fighting abilities
    • Stay in the light and become one with the force
  3. What is your advantage or strength when fighting an opponent

    • Having strength itself when fighting, never holding back
    • Going after them when you feel its best
    • Going after them and not stopping until they are dead and gone
    • Being able to keep your guard when the enemy tries to strike
    • Being patient with the enemy wait for the right opportunity
  4. Whats your weakness when fighting?

    • For letting people show my true strength so they know your weaknesses
    • blowing cover and getting caught off-guard
    • Being overconfident that you can take on anybody
    • Using up all of your energy in the beginning of fighting
    • Not being more careful when attacking and have no patience
  5. Whats your best known personality trait?

    • respectful
    • helpful/leader
    • Powerful
    • peaceful and just
    • Independent
  6. If you were in the public what would people know you by?

    • Being a friend and helper anyone in need
    • Not even known at all
    • Known for kicking butt and a person that you want to stay on there good side
    • Being nice and knowledgable person
    • Being known for terrible and dark things
  7. Who is your favorite character from the prequel's?

    • I like someone else in the prequels
    • Qui-Gon Jinn
    • Mace Windu
    • Obi-wan/Anakin
    • Darth Maul
  8. Who is you favorite character in the Original Trilogy?

    • Darth Vader
    • Yoda
    • Luke
    • Princess Lea
    • Han solo
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