CIVIL WAR! Would You Be On Iron Man or Cap's Side?

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Are you pro-registration or anti-registration? Time to find out!

  1. Are You Organized or Just Don't Care That Much About Organization?

    • Un-Organized
    • Organized
  2. Favorite Color?

    • Red
    • Blue
    • Neither
  3. Do You Want to Save the World?

    • Yes, but not through all of this fighting
    • Yes, by establishing order
    • Yes, by giving people their freedom
  4. Defense or Offense?

    • I'd rather watch on the sidelines
    • Defense
    • Offense
  5. Favorite Quote?

    • "I see a suit of armor around the world"
    • "It really sucks being stuck in the middle"
    • "This isn't freedom, this is fear"
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