Which Dragon Type Digimon Would You Get?

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Agumon, maybe? who knows? Take this Quiz to see which digimon you get partnered with!

  1. What food do you like?

    • Omelette
    • bread and pastries
    • Chocolate and Sweets
    • Biscuits and other snacks
    • Chicken/beef steak
  2. What's your personality ?

    • Shy
    • Adventurous
    • Curious
    • Happy-go-lucky
    • Hot blooded
  3. What Digivice color suits you better?

    • Red and Black
    • Purple and Black
    • Blue and Red
    • Yellow and Orange
    • Light Red and White
  4. If someone's in great danger, what do you do?

    • Help them even if it costs your life
    • Call the Police then help them
    • Help them and leave the scene afterwards
    • Just stare at them
    • Pretend you didn't see anything, you just want to live rather than risking your life for someone else
  5. What crest matches your personality?

    • Light and Knowledge
    • Sincerity
    • Friendship and Kindness
    • Love and Hope
    • Courage and Realibility
  6. Your Hobby?

    • or you just like to be in your room
    • Drawing
    • Hanging out with your friends
    • Baking and Cooking
    • Singing and listening to rock and roll music
  7. If you get transported into the digital world, what will you do first?

    • Feeling excited because you finally get to visit the digital world
    • look around and see if you can get help
    • Try to stay cautious in case a digimon attacks
    • start your own adventure
    • try to learn more about this world and if can, make new friends with the digimons
  8. What animal do you like?

    • Bird
    • Dog
    • Rabbit
    • Cat
    • Hamster
  9. You've been ambushed by the bad guys, What do you do?

    • Fight them with all you've got
    • Surrender and think of a plan to fight back
    • Keep Fighting and think of a strategy and try to spot their weakness
    • Draw their attention and ambush them back
    • Attack from far to slow them down then fight them
  10. Last one. Whose your favourite google heads from all the digimon series

    • Taiki Kudo/Mikey
    • Daisuke Motomiya/ Davis
    • Taichi Yagami/ Tai
    • Masaru Daimon/ Marcus Damon
    • Takato Matsuda
  11. Last One. Which google head leader you like the most?

    • Daisuke Motomiya/Davis
    • Takuya Kanbara
    • Takato Matsuda
    • Taiki Kudo/Mikey
    • Masaru Daimon/Marcus Damon
    • Taichi Yagami/ Tai
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