Would You Survive The Mad Max: Fury Road Wasteland?

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The wasteland is a mad and dangerous place, filled with outlaws and scavengers. Would you survive such a desolate, hostile environment? There is only one way to find out...

  1. You see an explosion far off in the distance, and your car is starting to run low on fuel. What do you do?

    • Drive towards the explosion. There could be some supplies left over from the explosion, and perhaps you would be able to refuel there.
    • Stay your course. Explosions happen out in the wasteland. It's nothing really to concern yourself with.
    • Drive away from the explosion. There may be some bandits nearby, or even worse, Joe and his War Boys. You don't want to risk the fuel or your life!
    • Make sure your gun is loaded and speed towards the explosion as fast as you can. You're looking to spill some bandit blood.
    • Drive towards the explosion just a little. You want to be able to scope out the area before you make any drastic decisions.
  2. You come across a wreck, with several cars flipped over. Supplies are scattered everywhere, but you hear the revving of engines in the distance.

    • Go straight for the fuel. You are more likely to stumble upon some water sooner than such a ripe collection of fuel like this.
    • Make sure to equip your biggest gun. If War Boys or bandits see you packing heat, they may just decide to turn the other way.
    • Grab some water and ride away as fast as you can. You only need essentials, and you don't want to end up in a fight.
    • Get back in your car and ride away as quickly as possible. The War Boys are ruthless, and you don't want to end up in their clutches.
    • Take your time and stock up. If War Boys show up, you can always hide in one of the wrecked cars.
  3. You find a small town, with about a dozen people living inside. They offer you food, shelter, and supplies if you go take care of a local bandit problem.

    • Just leave. You don't want to get messed up with any quarrels. That would most likely be an assured death.
    • Barter with the for even more supplies. You are risking your life after all, and you want to be fairly compensated.
    • You gladly volunteer to take care of the bandits.
    • Put a gun to the leader of the town. There aren't many of them and none of them look like real fighters. You don't have to take orders from them.
    • Refuse their offer. You have been avoiding a fight this entire time, and it's not time to risk things now.
  4. When you leave the town, you realize that a young woman stowed away in the back seat. She claims that she is a good fighter, and she can help you in your travels.

    • Don't say or do anything. Just drive on.
    • Offer her over to the War Boys in exchange for supplies. You know that Immortan Joe is always looking for more wives.
    • Offer her a drink of water and welcome her aboard. Allies are necessary in a world filled with madness.
    • Point a gun at her and tell her to get out. You really can't trust anybody in this wasteland.
    • Bring her along, but always keep an eye on her. If she proves herself later on, she can stay. Otherwise, there will be a much more unpleasant situation.
  5. While you're driving, you get caught in a massive sandstorm. What do you do?

    • Ride through it. Just make sure to strap on some goggles and drive as carefully as possible.
    • Let go of the wheel and close your eyes. You just want this to be over.
    • Ride into the storm as fast as you can, waving your hands in the air and cheering as loud as you can.
    • Turn around as fast as possible and attempt to ride away from it.
    • Stop the car and wait it out. It's too dangerous to keep moving inside of it.
  6. You were found by a pack of War Boys! What do you do?

    • Surrender. It may not seem like the best option, but at least you'll be imprisoned instead of killed.
    • Fight them off. Their cars are filled with explosives and guzzolene. A well-placed shot could cause some carnage.
    • Full-throttle your way out of there. They may have the guns, but you have the speed.
    • Drive towards a nearby bandit encampment and have the two teams fight each other. You don't care who wins, as long as some of your enemies fall.
    • Hide in your car with a handgun. There's a chance that they will just pass over you.
  7. You are eventually captured and taken before Immortan Joe. He claims that he will let you live if you retrieve something that was stolen from him.

    • Do what he says, but escape as soon as he lets you leave. You need as big of a head start as possible.
    • Do what he says. In a harsh world like this, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world for a warlord to owe you one.
    • High-tail it into the wasteland and don't look back.
    • Take your chance and try to kill him. You may not make it, but at least you will make the world a better place.
    • You refuse out of principal and spit in his face. You'd rather die than work for him.
  8. As you leave the citadel, you have your choice of vehicles. Which one do you choose?

    • The Big Foot. Its giant wheels make for great off-road transportation, and the hard metal hull can protect against bullets.
    • The War Rig. It's huge, bulky, and easy to use to run people off the road.
    • Buggy #9. It's incredibly fast, and it has a large mounted gun on top, but it's fiberglass shell makes for weak protection.
    • The Doof Wagon. It's not practical, but come on, who doesn't want to drive a car with a band of drummers and an electric guitarist on top?
    • The Interceptor. I'm a sucker for the classics.
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