How Nerdy Are You?

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A short test to see where you fall in all of Nerddom!

  1. I would rather play this console game...

    • Why would anyone play these on a console. PC all the way!
    • Dragon Age
    • Need For Speed
    • Call of Duty
  2. When I go to ComicCon I usually dress like...

    • I'll put on a mask or wear a t-shirt with a movie Character.
    • I don't go to that.
    • Whatever I dress up as, it'll cover me head to toe and cost me a months rent.
    • I don't dress up when I go
  3. If Netflix had all these titles I would most likely bingewatch...

    • Battlestar Galactica
    • Agents of Shield
    • Supernatural
    • CSI
  4. If my room could have a theme it would be...

    • Marvel movie posters on all the walls
    • My bed would be housed in a replica of an X wing cockpit. I'd even be able to close the canopy.
    • Star Trek themed. With touch pads on the surfaces and walls like on the Enterprise D
    • Ummm... Off white paint?
  5. My favorite sport is...

    • Pyramid
    • Cross Country/Track
    • American Football
    • Tennis
  6. My dream car is...

    • The Tumbler
    • The Batmobile
    • Kitt from Knight Rider
    • Dodge Charger
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