What horror movie icon are you?

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We all love horror stories. something just seems so appealing about scaring the crap outta yourself. But if YOU were the horror story, would you be a ghost, a doll, or a scared little girl with unspeakable powers? Take this quiz and find out!

  1. Pick a colour

    • GREEN
    • BLUE
    • PURPLE
    • OTHER
    • RED
    • YELLOW
    • BLACK
    • PINK
  2. What is your favourite food?

    • I don't eat
    • I really haven't eaten in centuries
    • I don't pay much attention to earthly things like food
    • mac n cheeeeese
    • I prefer a nice smoked salmon with a side of mashed potatoes
    • Whatever i can hunt for
  3. What is your favourite pet?

    • Huh?
    • I'd like to keep that bone for myself, thanks.
    • Pets? Who needs pets?
    • My dead dog is all I got, though its a little annoying to go through him
    • I hate animals
    • A jumblewookie
    • My little spirit of my own
    • Lions are very loyal
  4. What do you like to do as a pastime?

    • I like to write stories
    • Nothing much. Haunting people is fun.
    • Turning my head while simultaneously glaring at people in that way which weirdly freaks people out.
    • I like eating. Brains, specifically.
    • Drinking blood. MWAHAHAHAHA
    • I like to order my slaves around when i get bored.
  5. Pick a stuffed animal

    • I prefer children
    • A stuffed bunny or a cat'll do
    • I like toilet paper. Does toilet paper count?
    • I like dolls.. MWAHAHAHA
    • I hate toys
    • Ummm... a knife
    • Do they sell stuffed brains anywhere?
  6. Pick a T.V show

    • I like horror stories
    • i don't have one
    • TV? Who has time for tv?
    • old 90s sitcoms are THE BEST
    • I like drama stories
    • Lalaloopsie
    • The walking dead... DUHH
    • What is tv
  7. Pick a theme song

    • Ariana Grande
    • All I do is win- DJ Khaled
    • Twinkle twinkle little star
    • Other
    • Rhianna
    • Some Beethoven crap'd be cool
    • Fancy- Iggy Azalea
    • The Dora The Explorer theme song
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