Asylums, Cemeteries, and Marshes: How Well Could You Survive In A Horror Movie?

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Let's face it - we all cringe a little when it comes to horror movies. But have you ever wondered what would happen if real life became a horror movie? Would you survive, or would you die some nasty death by the hands of an otherworldly being?

  1. You're home alone and you hear a loud noise. What do you?

    • Turn on the lights and call the police.
    • Turn off all the lights and hide.
    • Grab the nearest weapon and begin to search the house.
  2. You decide to go on a camping trip. Where do you go?

    • The dark woods behind my house.
    • A crowded, well-lit campground.
    • The creepy cabin outside of town.
  3. You're exploring a mansion at night with some friends. Do you stay together?

    • We split up, but stay close just in case.
    • We stay together.
    • We split up and search the mansion.
  4. You have to cross a marsh full of dead people. What do you do?

    • Ditch the guide and use the water to hide your tracks.
    • Follow the lights. Lights are good right?
    • Follow a deceptive, sneaky guide.
  5. You have one chance to kill the villain. How do you kill him?

    • You stab him many times and leave him for dead.
    • You shoot him over and over again.
    • You decapitate him in one swift, bold move.
  6. You're running from whatever's behind you. You trip. What do you do next?

    • Turn around and face the monster.
    • Crawl across the floor and hide under a desk.
    • Get up and run for the backdoor.
  7. You meet a man who seems a little crazy, yet he warns you that you're in danger. Do you trust him?

    • Yes and no; he may be actually setting up a trap.
    • No; I run immediately. He's probably a killer.
    • Yes. He'll protect us in his house.
  8. The car won't start and a killer's chasing you. What do you do?

    • Hide under the seat. Maybe the killer doesn't know you're in the car.
    • Frantically work on the car until it starts.
    • Get out of the car and run for your life.
  9. You think your kids are possessed. Where do you take them?

    • The asylum. That's where you take crazy kids right?
    • The hospital. They'll take care of them.
    • The police station. Lock them up until we get them sorted out.
  10. You think you've made it. The danger is over. What do you do now?

    • I'll go and celebrate with my family. The horror is over.
    • I'll take a long nap. I'll make sure to keep a weapon by my bed, just in case.
    • The danger is never over. I prepare for whatever comes next.
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