Which Lady of Horror Are You?

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is your personality more like Morticia? or maybe Elvira ,sally,Wednesday,or could you be Carrie? take this quiz to find out!

  1. Preferred Hair style?

    • ponytails or braids
    • Down straightened.
    • Down with lots of body!
    • up.
    • Down stringy, Nothing big.
  2. clothing style.

    • conservative.
    • loose vibrant, colorful!
    • tight, flashy showing off you assets.
    • long flowy
  3. Favorite creature in horror films?

    • Demon
    • Zombie
    • Monster
  4. Whats your personality type?

    • happy often! vibrant uplifting!
    • Surly, uninterested in most things.
    • sweet,calm,loving.
    • out there! wild, crazy, fun!
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