QUIZ TIME: How Long Would You Survive In A Horror Movie?

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How would you fare if you were even to be part of a horror story. Would you make it all the way through to the end, or would you be the first chump to go? Find out below...if you dare.

  1. You're in an old house and your friend suggests you split up. You..

    • stay on your guard. Something isn't right.
    • refuse! It's safer if we all stick together!
    • Smile :)
    • agree completely! You can cover more ground that way!
    • NOPE the hell out of there.
  2. You hear a weird cackling sound from the basement. You...

    • get a bad feeling. Start to research the history of your house.
    • Smile :)
    • Burn your house down. It was the right thing to do.
    • go down and check it out! You need to know what it was!
    • go down and check it out with a partner...just in case.
  3. You friends want to try out a Ouija board. You...

    • agree right away! You always wanted to try it out!
    • reject the idea completely. Let's play Wii Sports instead!
    • don't participate, but stick around anyway to see if anything happens. You're prepared for the worst.
    • Smile :)
    • Hesitate, but your friend is doing it, so why not?
  4. You come across a marionette abandoned on the sidewalk. You..

    • Ignore it and keep walking. Nice try, Satan!
    • :)
    • Take it and throw it into the garbage. It belongs there.
    • Take it with you! This is a really cool prop!
    • Ask your friend what you think you should do. They might think it's pretty cool!
  5. You're in bed and you hear a noise from your closet and the door is slightly open now. You...

    • Call a friend up to crash by their place tonight.
    • Tie the closet doors shut. You stay up all night with a cross and bible in hand.
    • :)
    • Go into another room and bunk with your sibling/roomie
    • Check it out to see what caused it.
  6. Your date tells you to pick a horror movie to watch. You pick...

    • The Conjuring
    • :)
    • The Ring
    • Paranormal Activity
    • A Cabin In The Woods
    • Does Casper count?
    • The Exorcist
    • Casper Anyone?
    • Jeepers Creepers
    • Drag Me To Hell
  7. You hear the sound of a chair rocking in the other room. You're home alone though. You...

    • Go and check and it out. It's probably the wind.
    • Draw a salt circle around you and your bed. You're protected.
    • Invite a friend over to play some games. You haven't seen Sophia since lunch anyway.
    • Leave your house. You heard Jack just painted his door. Might as well check it out.
    • :)
  8. You're walking home late at night and hear irregular footsteps behind you. You...

    • Call your roomie/partner from your cellphone and ask them to meet you halfway. Maybe that'll chase away whoever was following you.
    • Pray as you walk. The hairs on the back of your neck are as raised as they can be. You clutch your pocket knife, and pray....
    • :)
    • Turn around to make sure it's not someone trying to mug you.
    • Make a run for it. You're not curious enough to look at it.
  9. It's after midnight. You friends lock you in the bathroom until you say Bloody Mary 3 times in front of the mirror. You...

    • convince one of your friends to try it with you.
    • DO IT! It's just a stupid story anyway!
    • :)
    • Oh God...No....She's in here with me now. What have you done?
    • Ha ha. NOPE! NOPE! NOPE right out of here! Sit down until they let you out.
  10. I can see you. I can smell you. I can almost taste you. You...

    • :)
    • Stay with a friend for comfort.
    • Lock all your doors and arm yourself. You can defend yourself from anything.
    • RUN! Run as far and as fast as you can!
    • Go to a church. You can't stop me, but you can delay me.
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